Are you passionate about impulsing change? Do you want to strengthen your network and build alliances for more impacting actions? We invite changemakers from all over the European continent for a two-day immersion on the 18th and 19th of October in Madrid.

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The purpose of this is event is that after two great days you go home: a)  being inspired by other projects and ways of impulsing change to reinforce our own ways and projects for change; b) having exchanged knowledge about experiences and methodologies for impulsing change; c) taking the opportunity to co-designed European projects together with those present.

Sign up for this two-day gathering where we bring together change leaders, initiatives, and organizations from social movements. Together we exchange experiences and visions on the growth of movements across countries in all sectors of sustainability. We’ll create a space to share learnings, strengthen alliances and deepen the impact of our individual and collective actions.

Check our special guests from  The Global Ecovillage Network, Processwork, The European Social and Solidarity Economy Network and the The work that reconnects.

Wanna present your initiative on the experience faire?

ImPULSING ExCHANGE for CHANGE is organized by the European oasis movement,  a network of people and organizations who apply or have been trained in the Brazilian Elos Philosophy and Oasis Game. Find out more about the Elos Philosophy here.

KIDS FRIENDLY EVENT: Are you considering taking your kids..? We’re organizing a corner of activities for all kids who can’t be left home alone. Please send us a message before hand!